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All of our rental packages vary from product to product; whether you want water coolers, instant hot water taps or hand sanitiser dispensers.

Renting your water coolers and dispensers

Renting water cooler and dispensers from Selsius has many benefits and a good number of customers opt for this way of enjoying our products. Renting allows you to hire the products you need from us and it also comes with the additional benefit of servicing and maintenance, a great idea if you’re not familiar with this kind of equipment. We’re more than happy to create tailored packages for any customer looking to rent with us and can offer attractive and cost-effective options for businesses of all sizes.

Our customers enjoy many benefits

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Service and maintenance

Renting your water products includes our expert-level installation and maintenance services. Our friendly British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) accredited engineers will provide regular maintenance and servicing, ensuring your products are in the best condition and thoroughly clean.

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Flexible contracts

Whether you need to rent water dispensers, coffee machines or other equipment we can arrange a contract on terms that suit your business. During your contract you can also add or upgrade your equipment.

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Fixed monthly costs

Enjoy your equipment at affordable monthly fixed costs. We are transparent about our costs and won’t grossly inflate prices year on year, so you can accurately budget each year. We want to ensure you enjoy fresh, pure water with ease, without worrying about the impact on your business’ bottom line.

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Innovative technology

Renting your water dispensers means you can upgrade regularly and benefit from our commitment to product innovation. Our products are ergonomic, and we’re committed to environmentally friendly practices, with many of our products available with the option of biodegradable and compostable sundries.

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