Bottled vs. Mains Fed Coolers: Which Option is right for Your Business?

Our product range incorporates both water bottle and mains fed coolers and when looking for the right solution for your business, it can be hard to know which option is best. Bottled water coolers and mains fed coolers both have their benefits and there is an argument that both will do the job you need. However, we’re looking at the differences between the two, so you’ll have a better understanding of the options available.

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers come in both freestanding and countertop models and fit the image of the office water cooler, with an upturned bottle at the top of the unit. The size of bottle will differ dependent on your choice of cooler and you can also get bottled water dispensers which can heat the water, as well as offering ambient temperature and chilled water too. The benefits of opting for a bottled water cooler include:

  • Easy to install and maintain

Bottled water coolers are easy to install and maintain. They can simply be plugged into the most convenient power point and refreshing water is ready to be enjoyed within seconds. Installation and maintenance is something you can manage yourself without any outside help, however if you’re a Selsius customer we’ll managed this for you.

  • Fresh spring water

Bottled water coolers provide fresh spring water to enjoy in the workplace. The taste of bottled spring water is something many people prefer to tap water. As a Selsius customer we’ll deliver the water right to your door and when you’re finished our refill and recycle service will remove your empty bottles and replenish your water, so you’ll never be without fresh pure water.

  • Flexible and portable

While you won’t be picking up your water dispenser on a daily basis, they are easy to move around the office or from premises to premises when required. They fit into most workplaces with ease and only need a source of power to spring into action. If you move premises, your bottled water cooler can be unplugged and travel with you to your new business home.

Mains Fed Water Coolers

Mains fed water coolers are plumbed directly into your premises’ water supply and come in both freestanding and countertop models. They don’t require bottles to fill up as they dispense water directly from your mains supply. They need to be positioned by your water pipe system as well as a power source and fitted by a trained engineer. Opting for mains fed water coolers comes with a range of benefits including:

  • Cutting plastic waste

With no plastic bottles in use, you can minimise the plastic waste in your office. You can also choose biodegradable cups or ask employees to bring their own cups and bottles to cut any plastic waste.

  • Save space

Opting for a bottled water cooler means you’ll not need to find space to store empty bottles. No bottles, no additional space needed.

  • Reliable

Running from your mains water supply means there is no risk of your cooler running out of water or supply being limited. This makes them a particularly popular choice for businesses with large customer numbers or workforces.

  • Easy to use

Mains fed dispensers feature taps and clear direction on how to enjoy instant chilled, ambient or even boiling water, dependent on your choice of machine.

  • Hassle-free maintenance and installation

The maintenance of your mains fed cooler is normally provided by professionals ensuring its fully service during the year. Our customers benefit from installation and maintenance carried out by British Water Cooler Association accredited engineers to ensure the quality of service never wavers.

Both water bottle and mains fed water coolers both have their benefits and may be the right choice for your workplace. If you are still unsure contact us directly and our team can discuss the options available to you and which may be the best choice for your business.