Nutrition and Hydration Week 2021

Prioritising water at work for Nutrition and Hydration Week 2021

Nutrition and Hydration Week, 14-18 June, is the chance to come together to raise awareness, and educate people on the value of their nutrition and hydration in maintaining their wellbeing and health. At Selsius, our core business couldn’t be more related to this, as we ensure businesses around the UK are able to adequately hydrate their employees and guests.

How does hydration impact your employees?

Industry research has shown, over half of office workers admit to drinking less than half the recommended two litres of water each day and many more recognise how not being hydrated has an impact on their productivity.

By law, employers must provide workers with adequate access to drinking water. This is laid out in the 1992 Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations (Regulation 22) which states employers must:

  1. Provide an adequate supply of clean drinking water
  2. Ensure the supply is readily accessible and clearly marked with appropriate signage

Adequate hydration is essential for all aspects of life and to function properly in the workplace and the provision of fresh, drinking water should be something we all have access to.

Water and nutrition

The British Nutrition Foundation explains that water is our body’s most abundant constituent, and we need regular fluid intake to function properly. The amount of fluid we need varies from person to person and will be impacted by other factors such as activity, age, and diet. Water enters our system through the food we eat, but it mainly comes through drinks and drinking fresh water is the most effective way of upping our intake.

Dehydration, even at the mildest level, impairs our ability to function, concentrate and will have a marked negative impact on the ability to do any task or job properly.

Hydration in the workplace: What can you do to boost employee’s water Intake?

Water consumption has a positive impact on health and efficiency at work and can help to combat fatigue, boost productivity, and support mental function. It stands to reason any employer or business owner wants a productive and focused workforce, and proper hydration can go along way to supporting this.

Providing a fresh supply of water in the office is easy with the right equipment and opting for well-placed water coolers and dispensers around the workplace helps to ensure all employees can quickly and easily access the fresh water they need. Similarly, we recommend the improved water quality offered by filtration and coolers, as it promotes better health and due to the cooling features in most dispensers, is more refreshing to drink.

Many of us also boost our water consumption through other drinks throughout the day, and our range incorporates coolers which offer both hot and cold dispensing, ensuring you can grab a glass or water or a freshly brewed cuppa in a matter of minutes.

Convenience is really central to ensuring employees keep up their hydration levels, with well-placed water coolers and hydration stations around the office helping to boost health and happiness throughout the space.

Nutrition and Hydration Week is a chance to check in with your own nutritional goals and see if you’re meeting at least those minimum levels for water intake to keep your health in optimal condition.