Hydration and Health: The Important of Water for Wellness

We’re always told how important it is to stay hydrated and drink a healthy amount of water each day, but how much difference does it really make? Water is an invaluable resource for many of the body’s functions and plays a key role in a wide range of areas, you’d probably never imagined it could. At Selsius we specialise in providing workplaces, schools and gyms with convenient access to fresh and clean drinking water, and once you understand the real benefits of water on your body, you’ll be glad to enjoy your next glass.

How Hydration Effects your Body

Water is essential to keep your body working and positively impacts many different bodily functions, organs and internal systems.

Fluid Balance

Drinking water is important to maintaining the balance of body fluids. Your body is approximately 60-70% water and its fluids from saliva to digestion and nutrient transport to circulation are reliant upon the right balance. Without enough water, the balance will be off.

Calorie Control

Water can help keep calorie intake under control. While it doesn’t have a direct impact on weight loss, it can slot into place where higher calorie drinks may have been the choice. When cutting calories, opting for water is an easy way to minimise unnecessary intake through your choice of drinks.

Energise Muscles

Muscle fatigue takes place when cells don’t have proper fluid balance and electrolytes diminish. Keeping hydrated when exercising is important, as the body needs to replenish energy lost through sweat and to keep muscles active and their fluid levels balanced.

Clear Complexion

As the body’s largest organ, water is particularly important to our skin. Skin naturally contains a lot of water and one of its main purposes is to minimise excess fluid loss from the body. Water helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity and while it won’t stop wrinkles and lines forming, regular hydration can help your skin remain more youthful for longer.

Fatigue Buster

Not drinking enough water will cause your body’s fluid levels to drop overall. This drop in fluids can result in blood volume decreasing too and this in turn puts additional pressure on the heart to deliver oxygen and nutrition to the rest of the body’s organs. This leaves them feeling tired and fatigued as they aren’t getting the nutrients, they need to keep functioning. If you often feel overtired or sluggish, upping your water intake may make a big difference.

Normalising Blood Pressure

Heading towards dehydration effects the body in a wide range of ways and not drinking enough water can lead quickly to a drop in blood pressure. Low blood pressure can lead to feeling of weakness, confusion, and dizziness.

Removes Toxins

Water works wonders for the kidneys. Fluids are needed to transport waste products in and out of the body’s cells. The main toxin the body holds is blood urea nitrogen which is water-soluble and passes through the kidneys and out of the body in our urine. When you aren’t getting enough water, your urine concentration, odour and colour increase, which shows your kidneys are working harder to remove the toxins and better hydration is needed.

Lubricating the Joints

To function properly your joints, need to be lubricated and flexible. Water is the main component of the synovial fluid which is responsible for directly lubricating your joints. Lubrication is important to keep the body supple, and it reduces the friction between joints to ensure they remain health and function properly.

Brain Booster

Drinking water helps to increase the temperature of the brain and this gets rid of toxins and dead cells. It also balances chemical processes in the brain which can help to reduce stress and anxiety. When our brains become dehydrated the memory is immediately impacted and to maintain your health and memory function, keep drinking.

Research from The University of East London also found that drinking water can result in productivity increasing by up 14%. A busy workplace relies upon a productive workforce so ensuring hydration levels are topped up is key to a flourishing business.

At Selsius we work with you to ensure your business has everything it needs to keep your employees happy and hydrated. Our range of water coolers, water fountains and water taps are suitable for businesses of all types, and we can ensure your employees have no excuse not keep on top of their water levels.