The benefits of a hot water dispenser

Hot water dispensers were once seen as a convenient addition to commercial kitchens, but not necessary in many other places. However, they are fast replacing kettles in many work environments and the ability to enjoy boiling hot water, straight from the tap, makes for a more efficient workplace in more ways than one.

Instant hot water can be a feature of your water cooler, or it can be delivered through a standalone boiler tap. The range of options on the market, with different styles and functions, means they are a versatile choice for any workplace. Hot water dispensers are available in tabletop and freestanding styles, and they feature many additional benefits when compared to a standard kettle. Let’s look at these in more depth.

On-tap boiling water

In busy offices and high traffic workplaces such as nurseries, schools, warehouses and break rooms, boiling the kettle again and again simply isn’t efficient. A mains-fed water dispenser can instantly provide hot or cold water as its needed and every cup of tea of coffee will be ready much more quickly.

Energy efficiency

Repeatedly boiling a kettle is both time and energy inefficient. What’s more, kettles also waste energy when overused as they lose heat throughout the boiling process. Instant hot water dispensers are much more energy efficient, with as little as possible wasted. For workplaces looking to operate more sustainably and keep energy costs low, they’re a great investment.

Minimal limescale

If you look inside the work kettle, you’re likely to find a build-up of white, chalky residue – limescale. This is especially the case in hard water areas. Over time, limescale will fall away from the kettle and be found floating in your drinks, not something you’d want to happen during a client meeting or even your own morning brew. The majority of hot water dispensers feature limescale reduction filters and their cleaning programmes also look to and remove limescale before it becomes a problem.

Safety features

While we all know how to use a kettle, accidents still happen, and the risk of spilling boiling water is much higher when you’re pouring by hand. Hot water dispensers feature safety locks to ensure the hot tap cannot just turn on or mistakenly start running and become a hazard. Hot water dispensers are both safe and easy to use. In many workplaces you may have colleagues, visitors or customers with mobility issues making it difficult to use a regular kettle, as they can be difficult to lift, refill and pour from. The simple tap on a hot water dispenser is safer and easier to use for everyone.

Stylish design

While design may not be the first of your thoughts when picking the right water solutions for your workplace, there are many different models and styles of water dispenser to choose from. Many dispensers are designed in a sleek and contemporary way, with the modern workplace in mind, making them ideal for customer-facing environments as well as private offices and work rooms.

Quick and easy access to boiling water makes enjoy your favourite hot drink more convenient than ever before. It’s also more efficient for business and saves energy along the way.